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In this edition of TCS BaNCS Research Journal, we bring you insights on the evolution of the financial services marketplace, the practices therein, and the regulations that have made capital markets technology one of the most complex to tackle.

With several industry efforts and standards striving towards collaboration and the simplification of technology, we believe it’s time for firms to look at ways to reposition themselves to drive higher trade volumes, share common technology resulting in reduced platform building and maintenance costs, and achieve higher STP.

In this issue, we present our views on:

  • Emerging Fund Industry Regulation – Impact on the securities industry

  • Standards in Corporate Actions – How much longer?

  • EMIR and its significance for Central Counter Parties (CCPs)

  • Integrated CSD and Registrar Architecture

  • ESMA announces consultations on New MiFID II reforms

  • Asset Servicing Utility – The reality

  • Shortening the Securities and Cash Settlement Cycle from T+3 to T+2

  • PPAs (Post Payable Adjustments) continuing to decrease


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