TCS BaNCS Makes Blockchain Work for Corporate Actions

As published in Financial Technologies Forum

A TCS BaNCS official details a case study that helped it win the Best Blockchain Breakthrough of the Year award for 2019. 

Editor’s note: (TCS BaNCS won the 2019 Best Blockchain Breakthrough of the Year award for its Quartz Blockchain solution set, which consists of four product lines: Smart Solutions, the DevKit, Gateway and Command Center. FTF News got time with R. Vivekanand, vice-president and co-head for TCS Financial Solutions at Tata Consultancy Services. For this role, Vivekanand oversees the realization of strategic initiatives encompassing cloud, digital and Blockchain technologies. He is also responsible for business development and market penetration of the TCS BaNCS suite of products, including sales and marketing functions. He oversee key relationships in the capital markets line of business.)

Q. Why did TCS BaNCS embrace Blockchain Technology?

A. Blockchain has the power to bring organization together by creating ecosystems that amplify the value delivered by each one on a standalone basis. Such ecosystems have the potential to drive transformation across industries and in the intersection between them.

TCS believes that Blockchain can help organizations harness the power of Business 4.0, aTCS framework designed to help TCS’ customers create exponential value, and leverage the power of ecosystems.

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