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TCS helps Bekaert Integrate Global Operations
Bart Vandecappelle, CIO-Bekaert, discusses how TCS helped Bekaert to bring its major entities under a single instance of SAP as a business platform, to improve governance, and simplify application design and maintenance.
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Steel Wire Drawing SAP Services

Bekaert is a global market leader in steel wire drawing, with technological leadership in its two core competences: advanced metal transformation and advanced materials and coatings. Bekaert was expanding globally and looking for a partner who could install an industry standard IT application management framework, assist them in implementing strong governance, and provide them with 24/7 global support at a competitive cost.

In this video, Bart Vandecappelle, CIO, Bekaert, outlines how TCS helped Bekaert bring its major global entities under one single instance of SAP as a business platform.


Bart Vandecappelle – CIO, Bekaert

Experience Results

TCS’ partnership with Bekaert has helped-

  • Bring all major entities at Bekaert under a single instance of SAP, delivering the consequent benefits of SAP’s integrated business solutions

  • Drive improvements in supply chain, reduction in cycle time, and improvements in quality with the design and delivery of a legacy migration program for a major business unit

  • Create a global and scalable business platform

  • Reduce costs, by leveraging TCS’ offshore presence

Experience Partnership

Bart explains that Bekaert’s relationship with TCS is value based, sustainable, and reliable, adding that this partnership brings alive Bekaert’s company base line of “Better Together” on a day to day basis.

Experience Leadership

“TCS further helped Bekaert on its journey towards SAP template in order to roll out solutions in multiple entities in a short span in a most consistent and controlled way.” - Bart Vandecappelle

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