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To reiterate its commitment to environmental sustainability, TCS has already achieved its 2020 target of reducing its specific carbon footprint by 50% (relative to baseline year 2007-08). We have reduced our specific energy consumption, which is the biggest contributor to our carbon footprint, by over 51.4% over the baseline year. Green infrastructure, green IT, and IT-enabled operational efficiencies support TCS’ energy and carbon management process.

Over 50% of our total real estate portfolio is certified green building space, and 80% of all TCS-owned real estate is IGBC/LEED-certified green infrastructure. Key features of our green buildings include energy-efficient design, onsite renewable energy through rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, solar thermal installations, chiller waste heat recovery units, and solar PV panel-based peripheral lighting systems. 

Energy and Carbon Performance (baseline year 2007-08):

  • 51.4% reduction in specific electricity consumption
  • 13 LEED-certified campuses
  • Achieved the target PUE of 1.65 across 13 key data centers. Power usage effectiveness of 1.71 across 23 key data centers
  • 52.5% reduction in specific carbon footprint
  • 8.45% of total power from renewable sources

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