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Energy companies of the future need to strike a balance between affordability for their end customers, energy efficiency, and sustainability.

To mitigate the European energy crisis, ENGIE wanted to ensure energy security for the future and stand by their end customers. 

ENGIE and TCS are collaborating on a three-pronged approach to achieve energy efficiency, sufficiency, and transition. As a long-standing partner of ENGIE, we built custom-made smart energy product solutions that enable them to transition to a zero-carbon future. 

ENGIE leveraged TCS' Machine First™ Delivery Model and ignio™ for strategic orchestration and implemented the 'My program for action' initiative for end customers. It is a definitive step towards leading ENGIE to achieve net zero by 2045. 

ENGIE-TCS partnership is built on trust, transparency, and shared values and will continue to grow on the strength of TCS' cross-industry experiences.