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As multi-cloud becomes a preferred enterprise cloud operating model, TCS Cloud Exponence offers a readymade solution for integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), and other public and hybrid clouds. TCS Cloud Exponence is a comprehensive, centralized delivery platform for public and hybrid cloud environments.

The Cloud Exponence operations service model is designed to deliver managed services for all prevalent cloud architecture pattern, including public and private clouds. It provides enterprise customers with frictionless and rapid on-boarding enabled by Machine FirstTM Delivery Model, while reducing transition time significantly and offering a standardized delivery experience.

Cloud Exponence addresses the needs of enterprise customers to expedite foundational cloud services build and operational support enablement to facilitate build/migration of enterprise business applications on hybrid cloud platforms, by abstracting underlying technology platform to services.

Cloud Exponence offers a holistic value added package for cloud management around security, reliability, performance, cost optimization, and operational excellence.

Operational Excellence: Cloud Exponence provides enhanced user experience through intuitive forms for seamless cloud services provisioning on AWS. Self-service automation catalog ensures frictionless provisioning of environments, IaaS, full stack application provisioning, and backup-restore functionalities by leveraging several AWS services such as Lambda, SQS, SNS, System Manager, API Gateway and KMS.

Security: Cloud Exponence provides an end-to-end security information and event management platform for continuous monitoring of the cloud environment. It ensures a transparent view of the secured cloud environment through a dashboard backed by intelligent threat monitoring, and provides alerts on security breach. Cloud Exponence provides physically and logically separated environment for each tenant log data. Integrated with ITSM, antivirus and automation platforms, security operations on Cloud Exponence will ensure state-of-the-art security for multi-cloud environments.

Reliability & Performance: Cloud Exponence is designed to ensure availability and fastest resilience to failures that may occur on any cloud resource. It leverages design architectures such as Serverless and PaaS to reduce operational burden, and focuses on the efficient use of computing resources to maintain efficiency that business demands.

Cost Optimization: Operating on multiple clouds across departments and geography often leads to budget overruns. Cloud Exponence provides predictive dashboards and reports for managing financial operations and recommendations for cost optimization. Cloud Exponence cost optimization enables:

  • Consolidated billing and central view -- spans across regions, subscriptions and cloud providers
  • Slice/ dice reporting based on tagging – by cloud services, by cloud resources, business units, projects, cost centers, applications, and environments.
  • Cost optimization recommendation reports – cost history reports, budgeted versus actual reports, right sizing, capacity and configuration mapping
  • Forecasting and prediction – spend forecast reports, alerts based on consumption

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