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The Challenge

Recent laws and increased customer sensitivity around data privacy require enhanced focus on data subjects and consumer rights. Any information that can identify an individual can be shared only if there is explicit consent from the person and effective security controls. It is difficult to manage these tasks manually. Evolving data privacy laws also multiplies the compliance burden on organizations in the absence of a scalable and automated consent management solution.

TCS Solution

TCS Consent Management Solution helps organizations automate compliance towards latest privacy regulations while reducing associated costs. It offers a range of capabilities such as: 

Consent collection and enforcement: Mapping consent to business purposes and ensuring enforcement of consent across IT enterprise 

Data subject rights: Automating right to data access, data portability, data correction and data deletion through integration with master data stores 

Data masking: Masking data dynamically on web front-ends or application UIs based on user consent 

Data discovery: Integrating data discovery tools to identify personally identifiable information (PII) in real time and respond to data subject rights


With TCS’ Consent Management Solution, organizations can reap the following benefits: 

  • Control the processing of personal information while handling data subjects 
  • Ensure data security and privacy for all personal data stored within the product 
  • Customize product as per requirements to comply with various global privacy regulations  
  • Discover ready-to-use APIs and reduce time to implement consent enforcement  
  • Deliver superior customer experiences across business, audit, or operations roles 
  • Reduce privacy compliance cost toward building a custom compliance automation solution

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