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Global data privacy and protection laws are driving enterprises to obtain consent before using customer data. Sensitive and personal data must be secured across the life cycle when it is shared or sold. Lapses will warrant stringent penalties and affect the brand's reputation. To navigate this shift and reduce compliance burdens, enterprises must adopt a scalable and automated data privacy solution to stay abreast with fast-evolving data privacy laws to win customer trust.


TCS Solution

TCS’ Consent Management Solution offers a range of capabilities to enhance data privacy, such as:

Consent management: Broadcast the purpose for processing personal data, collect and enforce consent across applications and websites with dynamic data masking on UI.

Data subject rights: Integrate with master data stores to automate right for data access, correction, portability, deletion, restrict sale, and sharing of personal data.

Privacy impact assessments (PIA): Use a ready-to-use questionnaire to conduct data privacy and data protection assessments for your applications and maintain master risk register.

Records of processing (RoP): Document RoP for all assets with ready-to-use and customizable templates.

Privacy incident response (PIR): Register all privacy incidents in a central location and track an incident to resolution.

Data inventory and mapping (DIM): Document personal data processed by business units and process teams along with data handling procedures.


TCS’ solution offers the following benefits:

  • Accelerate go-live to operationalize activities of data privacy and protection office.
  • Control processing of personal information and map it to the end consumer’s consent.
  • Ensure data security and privacy for all personal data stored within the product.
  • Comply with global privacy and data localization requirements with multi-tenant deployment.
  • Discover ready-to-use APIs and reduce time to implement privacy compliance automation.
  • Deliver superior customer experiences across business, audit, and operations roles.
  • Reduce up to 80% costs toward building a custom data privacy compliance solution.



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