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As organizations continue to mature in their cloud adoption journey, boundaries between application development and operations tend to disappear. This ‘DevOps’ approach to development, tools used and security considerations is accelerating applications and services delivery at scale. It offers a significant source of competitive advantage in providing customer-centric solutions and services with faster time to market.

TCS DevOps framework ensures:

  • Cross-vendor product support for IDE components

  • Integration of software configuration management products, legacy/mainframe transaction processing and database environments, test automation products and schedulers

  • Release management and automation products for a continuous delivery pipeline

  • Development and test offloading products with built-in test virtualization features for simulating system or system integration tests

  • Cloud-based pricing models for increased ROI

With the steady adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in the enterprise technology landscape, organizations are looking for tools to create automated and reliable end-to-end ML pipelines. TCS helps organizations adopt an agile approach to building cloud-first applications with Amazon SageMaker Pipelines for Machine Learning Projects.

A focused approach to DevOps strategy is more relevant in the post-pandemic scenario, as enterprises look to build resilience, agility and adaptability through processes such as infrastructure as a code (IaaC), and lower cost to quality through shift-left approach. A robust DevOps framework, with the right processes and tools, can help achieve efficiencies at each stage of the product life cycle.

TCS has curated DevOps offerings for multi-cloud and hybrid workloads on AWS Cloud. These offerings can be categorized as follows:

  • Assessment and consulting: Assess current software development life cycle (SDLC) tools and processes, perform baselining and gap analysis to design a DevOps implementation roadmap.

  • Enterprise DevOps Transformation: Accelerate organizations’ journey to target state with tools, accelerators and frameworks spanning across SDLC, organization culture, automation drivers, lean processes, measurement KPIs and collaboration strategies.

  • Enterprise DevOps Implementation and Support: Define DevOps tooling strategy, implementation and process standardization.

  • Infrastructure As A Code (IaaC): Meet on-demand infrastructure needs compliant to AWS Well Architected Framework using cloud-agnostic tools such as Terraform, AWS Cloudformation and AWS CDK.

  • TCS DevDataOps: Nurture data platforms to support next-gen business workloads, such as IoT, blockchain, analytics and ML, on AWS; support round-the-clock monitoring, enhancements and administration of data ecosystems on AWS Cloud.

  • TCS DevSecOps Factory: Automate cloud security with CICD pipelines that analyze application code and IaaC code templates for vulnerabilities and compliance mismatches.

Advantages of TCS DevOps Solution on AWS

  • Breaks the silo to embrace change leading to improved speed and quality of deployment

  • Empowers organizations to launch new applications and services frequently

  • Ensures each change is functional and safe with CI/CD practices, while enabling scale with IaaC

  • Drives agile operations without sacrificing stability

  • Promotes end-to-end responsibility of generating value for the stakeholders

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