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International mandates and industrial mandates and regulations are rapidly evolving and organizations need to be responsive to these with swiftness and agility. Organizations must remember to keenly observe mandates and ESG best practices and guidelines to ensure sustainable futures for all. Providing transparency and visibility to all stakeholders, in letter and principle is key.  


We can help you

Drive Compliance Management 

  • Industrial Compliance
  • EHS Compliance
  • Product Compliance
  • Cyber Security & Privacy

Reporting and Governance 

  • Voluntary Disclosures
  • Analytics & Insights
  • Data Integration
  • Financing & Investor Management





TCS Sustainability Banking

Control and track ESG data across financial and investment portfolios and helps identify the parameters needed to build sustainable frameworks and contributes directly to scoring methodologies to provide a transparent view of the ESG data.

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TCS IUX collects and analyzes historical and real-time data from disparate internal and external sources (networks, actuators, sensors, devices, wireless access points, and social media) to provide rich insights and next step recommendations.  The robust IUX platform integrates urban domains-- water, energy, transportation, and governance --sectors, providing unified and shared intelligence to administrators, citizens, local businesses and civic developers.

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