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TCS Reimagines Passport Services Across India

Online solution enables Ministry of External Affairs to cater to 150 million+ citizens.

Ministry of External Affairs, India
Public Services
Citizen Services


Overwhelming demand for passports strained the Ministry’s resources.

India’s rapidly expanding middle class has led to a growing demand for passport services. This put an undue strain on the Ministry of External Affair's limited infrastructure, obsolete systems, and human resources. Citizens had to deal with inconvenient and cumbersome processes, limited number of passport offices, and endless delays. Attempts to automate operations, decentralize collection of applications, open new passport offices, and introduce organizational reforms were unsuccessful. Traditional manual processes led to inefficiency and made passport service delivery prone to errors.


TCS provides scalable technology platform for transparent and efficient passport services.

Supporting India’s National e-Governance Plan, TCS helped the Ministry reimagine their existing system and transform passport services.

Launched under the Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) model, we executed the project within the Build-Operate-Own-Transfer (BOOT) framework. While the Ministry handles all the sovereign functions, we set up and manage data center and disaster recovery operations. So far, Our team handles office networking, core passport applications, and the citizen portal. We have set up a toll-free call center support in 17 languages across India, and manage the overall physical and technical scalability of the infrastructure and operations.

TCS provides a scalable technology platform for passport services to 150 million citizens and more.

In this transformation, multiple stakeholders were integrated, processes re-engineered for faster throughput, and change management was administered for the officials at various levels. 

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