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The information and communication technology industry contributes about 2.1–3.9% of the total global greenhouse emissions. This estimate includes the energy consumption of software throughout its lifecycle and its impact on the carbon footprint. Though the current contribution of software to global carbon emissions is lower than other sources, it is expected to exponentially increase in the coming years given the rapid growth of digital transformation and artificial-intelligence-based applications. Organizations must therefore broaden the scope of their sustainability initiatives to include software and measure its energy impact across the development, deployment, operations, and maintenance stages. Organizations can leverage tools and technologies, like measurement frameworks and energy profiler tools, to enhance their decarbonization initiatives to meet net-zero-emissions goals. These technologies also help to improve efficiencies of the software development process and overall operations.

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Gokulaparthiban C N
Innovation Evangelist, TCS 

M Indira Priyadarsini 
Solutions & Delivery Head, Sustainable Banking, BFSI, TCS

Sonali Fondekar
Innovation Evangelist, TCS


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