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Implementation Services for Oracle Cloud Applications


TCS Implementation Services for Oracle Cloud Applications

Institutionalize the right innovation management capability.



Companies across geographies and industries want their business applications to be available on demand, at all times. Additionally, enterprise users want business applications to include rich features such as superior interface, advanced data analytics, and portability. Traditional software tends to be expensive and fails to meet these requirements. On the other hand, cloud-based solutions can provide enhanced functionality, while ensuring cost optimization and faster implementation.

TCS Solution

TCS Implementation Services for Oracle Cloud Applications is a fixed scope offering that accelerates firms' migration to Oracle's latest cloud services faster.

We orchestrate complex cloud transformations, leveraging Oracle Cloud Applications at competitive costs. Our offering comprises variations of cloud services–embedded with enhanced user experience, high quality analytics, and mobility—aimed at addressing your specific business requirements.

that focus on specific areas such as Human Capital Management, ERP, Supply Chain Management and Enterprise Performance Management


  • Reduce TCO

  • Gain business agility

  • Enhance business oversight

  • Achieve faster cloud migration

  • Reduce configuration efforts by >60%

  • Cut cycle time by >40%

  • Save ~50% on testing applications

  • Reduce risk and time-to-market

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