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Faraz Ahmad

Engagement Manager, Risk and Cyber Strategy, Consulting - TCS

Faraz Ahmad is an Engagement Manager at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). He is a senior portfolio manager with over 15 years’ experience managing and leading large scale, complex transformation programs in the digital economy. Faraz has experience of working in technology, finance, government, healthcare, manufacturing, aerospace, defense, and security sector. Key focus areas include cyber risk and strategy, complex transformation major programs, and how emerging technologies can be leveraged to support this. He has a track record of delivering multifaceted digital strategic initiatives adding value throughout a project’s life cycle. He has worked with multiple teams and stakeholders (developers/managers to C-suite) across businesses to successfully solve complex problems, achieve strategic goals, combining deep technical ability with leadership skills. 

Faraz brings thought leadership and experience with digital transformation, as well, and understands the challenges of implementing emerging technology solutions, uses of Blockchain and AI to improve security of data and assets in organizations within different industries. His experience implementing these technologies has helped organizations to solve complex challenges using them. His experience and interest spans industries and areas like startups, central bank digital currencies, digital assets, finance, fintech, decentralized finance, autonomous vehicles, renewable energy, energy transition, NetZero, and commercialization of space. Faraz has an MSc in major program management from the University of Oxford, UK; MBA from University of Glasgow, UK; and BBA-IT from UCP.

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