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Jonathan Iggulden

Business Consultant, Consulting & Services Integration, TCS

Mergers and Acquisitions specialist Jonathan Iggulden studied Astrophysics at university before going on to be a quantitative analyst for a Swiss Private Equity firm. In this capacity, he supported some of the largest company deals ever made and analysed the rationale behind some of the most technical venture investments in the world. From there he moved to the City of London, where he advised Fund Managers on portfolio construction and fund company analysis.

A mountaineer and Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, Jonathan has founded a business in Chilean Patagonia and now lives in London and leverages his experience of planning, strategy and analysis from business and climbing for the benefit of TCS clients globally.

Jonathan Iggulden's articles

How AI will Guide Future M&A Deals
White Paper | 04 Jan 2023