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Natarajan Baskaran

Global Head, DX Business, TCS Interactive

Natarajan (Basky) Baskaran is the global head of DX Business, TCS Interactive. For more than 25 years, Natarajan Baskaran has empowered clients across verticals to attune to evolving technology paradigms. His custom-made digital transformation journeys have helped businesses deliver thoughtful and consistent user experiences, drive massive brand enhancements, and gain unprecedented revenue growth. All these years of enriching experience with customer engagement have refined him to emerge as a far-seeing subject matter expert in the fields of CX design, CX strategy roadmap, digital experience, digital marketing, and digital commerce. As a visionary leader, he innovates future-ready solutions to spearhead brand equity, exponential growth, and co-innovation—all while prioritizing inclusive and accessible experiences.  

Natarajan Baskaran's articles