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Yogesh Rao

Senior Consultant - Cognitive, AI and Data, Retail

Yogesh Rao has 23 years of business information technology experience, harnessing data for AI and digital to answer complex business problems. With a strong ability to define business strategies all the way to execution, he has successfully delivered on all five pillars of consulting, sales, solutioning, delivery, and support.

Yogesh has addressed problems of various sectors like retail, CPG, banking, finance, capital markets, telco, media, and government, using AI, ML, DL, robotics, digital, IoT, and big data (including image, geospatial) solutions.  

He is an advisor, speaker, writer, tutor, and thought leader in the industry and international management institutes. He has actively participated in various forums and confluences in space on data and advanced analytics. 

He has great expertise in promoting the adoption of cutting-edge business use cases over strong information and data architecture on-prem and cloud. 

Most of his productive time is invested in research and execution pointers on what is next for the retail industry by studying sector, customer, competition, technology, and core research areas.

A firm believer in value-based education, he prays for a good working mind and body that could be used to serve weaker sections of society.