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Robert Kane

VP, US Public Services, TCS North America


  • City of Philadelphia picks TCS to transform OnePhilly, the city’s HR, benefits, payroll, and time and attendance management system
  • TCS is leading OnePhilly’s foray into Cloud 2.0, the next generation of cloud technology
  • TCS is committed to helping the city of Philadelphia improve its ability to meet the needs of citizens by ensuring its IT systems are future-ready

One of the key lessons the world reminded us of in recent years is that the pace of change continues to accelerate.

Whether good or bad, rapid change is here to stay. Governments can gird themselves to cope with the increasing pace of change by using digital technology to get ahead of the curve.

TCS believes change in the public sector starts with the way change is delivered. Governments across the world are faced with the challenge of meeting the rising expectations of people who have grown accustomed to better customer experiences with their favorite brands. But transformation projects aren’t easy, and the way of doing things even a few years ago could be considered outdated today. TCS understands the unique needs of government and can transform its ability to respond to ever-evolving technology and citizen expectations.

That’s why the City of Philadelphia selected TCS to secure, upgrade, and transform OnePhilly, the city’s system for HR, benefits, payroll, and time and attendance management. TCS is leading OnePhilly’s foray into the next generation of cloud, Cloud 2.0, to improve the quality and reliability of city services for Philadelphians and to make the city government more efficient and effective.

Disruptions around the world, including the recent pandemic, accelerated cloud adoption to unlock operational efficiencies. The City of Philadelphia recognizes that in Cloud 2.0, the power of the cloud can be leveraged to improve OnePhilly’s performance, enable greater agility, and enhance operational efficiency.

The TCS-led cloud transformation will help Philadelphia city government serve citizens dependably and effectively, while ensuring the city’s IT infrastructure is future-ready. Improvements to back-office functions can help save taxpayer dollars and enhance staff efficiency.

In a world where technology is accelerating the pace of change, citizen-centric public services begin with a modern, secure, and reliable IT infrastructure. TCS is committed to helping the city of Philadelphia improve its ability to meet the needs of citizens by ensuring its IT systems are future-ready.

Our roots in the state of Pennsylvania run deep. TCS employees in the Keystone State help digitally transform and grow businesses across the country, including nearly half of Fortune 500 companies. Approximately 2,000 Pennsylvanians currently work for TCS, and the state is home to the recently launched TCS Pace Port Pittsburgh innovation center on the campus of Carnegie Mellon University.

Underscoring its commitment to local communities in the state, TCS is a keystone partner of the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team and the Wells Fargo Center and developed the web-based mobile game Gritty Snax based on the team’s beloved mascot, Gritty. TCS was also named to the Civic 50 Greater Philadelphia list by Points of Light.

About the author

Robert Kane
Robert is the Vice President & Chief Commercial Office of TCS's Public Services business unit in the United States.
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