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  • United Kingdom and Ireland (UK&I) organisations are actively embracing cloud’s innovation promise. 
  • There is growing investment in data-intensive technologies fueled by cloud. Skills shortages in critical cloud areas must be addressed immediately.    
  • Cloud technologies are helping UK&I organizations achieve sustainability goals.

New TCS cloud research

TCS launches new cloud research. To learn where future-ready businesses are on their cloud journey, download our latest findings.

Today, cloud offers the potential of a continual source of innovation across a digital ecosystem, delivering value through customer, partner, employee, and developer experiences. But to what extent are UK&I organisations realizing the promise of cloud-enabled innovation?

In the UK&I, cloud is ranked as crucial to an organisation’s future as a catalyst for innovation (63%) compared to North America (68%), Asia-Pacific (APAC) (57%) and Continental Europe (48%), firmly placing the UK and North America at the front of cloud-driven innovation. To find out more about cloud journeys in the region, download our research.

At the start of 2023, TCS undertook a survey of over 900 senior executives across UK and Ireland, Asia, Europe, and North America, more than half with a revenue of over $5 billion.

Questions were posed in key areas including:

  • Cloud innovation outlook in the face of post-pandemic realities. 

  • Cloud skills and data and analytics capabilities to meet present and future demands.

  • The use of cloud to navigate emerging environmental, social and governance metrics. 

  • The use of industry clouds and the primary drivers for their use.


In the UK and Ireland, cloud is considered as crucial to an organisation's future as a catalyst for innovation. 

TCS’ Cloud 2.0

Our solutions are well-positioned to support businesses on their cloud journeys. In Whitelane Research’s 2023 independent survey of CIOs from the largest IT spending organisations in the country, TCS received the top ranking for customer satisfaction for the eighth time. The study revealed that TCS demonstrated an ‘exceptional’ level of performance in the UK in cloud and infrastructure hosting services (84%, versus industry average of 72%).  

Read our global ‘Connected Future: How Cloud drives business innovation’ study.