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TCS IP2™: Catalyzing Clean Power Generation

Embrace digital twins for flexible and efficient power plants without additional CAPEX


The Challenge

With the rising renewable capacity, tightening emission norms and increasing cost of fuels, utilities are constrained to operate their power plants flexibly and economically. They are facing immense challenge to enhance operational efficiency, cut down emissions, improve asset health, and reduce overall operations costs.

This is propelling utilities to adopt artificial intelligence, machine learning and digital twin technologies to make their operations sustainable, commercially viable and futuristic.

TCS Solution

TCS IP2TM is a SaaS solution that combines AI, ML, internet of things and digital twin technologies into a pre-built industrial analytics platform to help enterprises enhance their power plant's reliability, flexibility and cost efficiency while complying to the tightening emission norms.

The solution collects and analyzes historical and real-time data from heterogeneous systems to provide actionable insights to operators for partial and full-load operations.

TCS’ IP2 offers the following pre-built modules:

  • IP2 Insight: Provides advanced visibility and insight into plant operations in real time
  • IP2 Optimizer: Optimizes performance and efficiency of power plant for diverse operating conditions
  • IP2 Asset Performance Management: Improves asset reliability and availability
  • IP2 Studio: Augments workbench for engineers and data scientists to develop digital twin models
  • IP2 Digital Worker: Enhances worker safety and productivity


Digital Twins: Driving Sustainability in Power Plants

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