DPS RK Puram wins Delhi thriller


DPS, RK Puram School Boys


Noida School Boys

Amazing, Awesome, Breathtaking are just some of the adjectives that comes to your mind when you want to describe the Delhi edition of TCS IT Wiz 2008. Over 1350 kids thronged the IIT auditorium. The 20 question prelim that followed witnessed kids screaming "no clues please" underlining the fact that Delhi was well prepared for this quiz.

The final started on the dot at 1.30 with the following six teams making it to the final.

DPS, Faridabad - Rahul Sharma & Avik Dhupar
Vishwabharati, Noida - Akash Bhushan Singh & Parth Gupta
DPS, Noida - Abhishek Gupta & Sateendra Dey
Spring Dales - Raghav Sethi & Prashanth Mital
Kalka Public School - Prashanth Kanduri & Himadri Saha
DPS, R K Puram - Aditya Jain & Sameer Mittal

The final witnessed an even start with all teams scoring in the initial rounds of the quiz. The huge audiences were in rapt attention as the witnessed the battle progress from one round to another. The ones missed by the teams on stage were cracked by the audience to be rewarded handsomely by TCS with audience prizes.

Mid way into the final the team from DPS Noida were leading with Spring Dale cracking a few on the buzzer. DPS RK Puram were also in the race but behind these teams. In the penultimate round which required teams to piece together multiple clues in the trademark lateral thinking round by Pickbrain, the duo from DPS RK Puram stunned the other teams and the audience with some outstanding answers and pushing their school into the lead.

In the final round of the quiz, Spring Dale answered the first couple of questions to cross DPS Noida but took a negative to fall back.

DPS Noida on its part did nothing silly and stayed calm to finish second. DPS RK Puram powered its way with a few more good strikes and won the Delhi thriller yet again.

The quizmaster had a word of appreciation for all the teams for the excellent performance in the prelim and for the young teams that did so well in the final. Surely, the future of IT is safe with these Delhi kids. Bravo Delhi.


DPS, RK Puram School Boys

Runner Up:

Noida School Boys