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Impressive, stunning and exciting, the Hyderabad edition of the TCS IT Wiz was witness to all of this and more. The quiz started with a prelim of 20 questions for the 500 plus teams that took part. While announcing the finalists, quizmaster Pickbrain observed that there was a marked improvement in the performance at Hyderabad vis a vis the previous editions.The quiz opened with the Mumbai winner of this quiz from 2007 (who has now relocated to Hyderabad) qualifying as the first finalist.

They were joined on stage by five other teams, including a team that finished third a year ago from Chirec Public School. The finalists were:

Army School (RK Puram) - Jayanth Ramanand & Gaurav Fulara
BVB Jubilee Hills - Anurag Veturi & Kaushik Varma
FIITJEE - Vishwajit Kolathur & Sashank Pisupati
Chirec Public School - Apoorva Tyagi & Atlin George Roy
Gitanjali School- Kaustav Jaiswal & Sujeath Reddy
Loyola Junior College - Jaya Bharadwaj & Akhil Katara

The rounds were interesting and fast paced as the teams battled it out. Some of the answers from the teams were truly outstanding as the quiz moved from one round to another. At the end of four rounds Chirec had established a strong lead over the others while there was a huddle with over four teams separated by just 5 points. Apoorva and Atlin George of Chirec now started playing safe and guarded their lead with clever tactics while Army School inched ahead of BVB and Gitanjali. Loyala Jr.College took their chances on the buzzer but it did not quite go their way as they accumulated too many negatives.

In the end, Chirec held on to win the crown while Army School did very well to win the Runner Up trophy. The champions who had lost the laptop a year ago were really thrilled to win it this time around and did confess that losing out a year ago had motivated them to prepare better. The teams from Gitanjali who were from standard nine and BVB from standard ten received special mention for being the youngest teams on stage.


ChirecPublic School

Runner Up :

Army School