DPS Noida win Delhi blockbuster


DPS Noida


Sardar Patel Vidyalaya

The Delhi edition of the quiz shattered all previous records of the quiz with 909 teams from over 100 schools taking part in the contest. For the first time in the history of the quiz two prelims were held to accommodate all the teams. It was a complete blockbuster.

The six finalists were:

Sardar Patel Vidyalaya - Akshit Goyal & Rohan Passey
Blue Bells - Mayank Choudhary & Jatin M ongia
DPS Vasanth Kunj - Karthick & Vivek Nair
DPS Noida - Abhishek Gupta & Arjun J
DPS RK Puram - Rohan Nagpal & Pratul Tandon
New Era English School - Apratim Chandra Singh & Arnav Sharma

The quiz witnessed the runner up of the previous edition DPS Noida take an early lead reflecting a resolve to improve on their previous result, while Sardar Patel, DPS Noida, DPS RKPuram and New Era also caught on soon. With the visual rounds going well for Sardar Patel they added a few more to their kitty as did Blue Bells and DPS Vasanth Kunj and the Delhi battle had truly begun.

The buzzer round from the world of TCS had teams play cautiously as they waited to be sure before pushing the dreaded red button. This was followed by the round that requires teams to think lateral and it was here that the teams from DPS Noida and Sardar Patel backed by some fantastic cracks moved ahead of the rest to set up a close shot for the title with DPS Noida being ahead by just 10 points.

In the final round the young duo from New Era English School got cracking on the buzzer to move into the third position with all the other teams finishing joint fourth. Sardar Patel settled for the runner up spot and DPS Noida keeping a very close watch on the scores, took no undue risks to ensure they won the title they just missed a year ago.

The winners got a huge bag of prizes including a laptop each while the runners up walked away with digital cameras and a digital photo frame each. The top team teams received prizes as well as recognition of the huge turn out.

As a special incentive the champion team will now travel to Bangalore for a special invitation quiz to be conducted by TCS in association with the Govt. of Karnataka in the month of November.


DPS Noida

Runner Up:

Sardar Patel Vidyalaya