Stanes stuns Kovai


Stanes, Coonoor - Nithin Vidya Prakash and Srikkanth Sridhar


St.Judes, Kotagiri- Suresh Sharma and S Venkatesh

The third edition of the Coimbatore IT Wiz witnessed the rise of a new team from this region as Stanes Sr.Sec. School for Conoor registered a thumping victory to get past St.Judes, Kotagiri who had never lost this quiz previously at Kovai.

With over 650 teams the hall was brimming with excitement and anticipation as the quiz unfolded with quizmaster Pickbrain belting out 20 preliminary posers.

Lisieux Matrix Hr. Sec. School- Robin Pal and M Mohit
Angappa Sr. Sec School - M Prabhakaran and P Sivaraman
Laidlaw Memorial School - Hari Hara Sudhan and Manikandan
G D Matric. Hr. Sec. School - Nanda Kishore and C R Vidya Prasad
St. Judes Public School- Suresh Sharma and S Venkatesh
Stanes Hr. Sec. School - Nithin Vidya Prakash and Srikkanth Sridhar

The finale was interesting, gripping and exhilarating as Defending champions St.Judes took the initiative and registered a quick lead. While Leizuitz school and Stanes Conoor did catch up rather quickly it did seem for a while that it would be a hat-trick for St.Judes.

As the buzzer rounds came into play the Stanes duo started closing in on St.Judes with every passing round and as the quiz moved into the phase where teams are required to think lateral, the pressure equation seemed to tilt for the first time as St.Judes faltered and Stanes moved ahead.

In the final round of the quiz the young Stanes team showed immense character, tactical supremacy coupled with some quick thinking as they clinically maxed the final round to register a memorable victory for their school.


Stanes, Coonoor

Nithin Vidya Prakash and Srikkanth Sridhar

Runner Up:

St.Judes, Kotagiri

Suresh Sharma and S Venkatesh