Loyola JSR wins Bhubaneshwar


Loyola Jamshedpur - Anirban K and Shubham Agarwal


DAV Unit-8 - Bikash KM and Ayush Sinha

"The growing popularity of the quiz and the level of quizzing truly stumps me" exclaimed Pickbrain as he summarized the event after 500 plus teams from all over the eastern region barring West Bengal which has a separate edition at Kolkata took part in a power packed event. After an interesting prelim the following six schools made it to the final:

DAV Pokhariput - Siwalik Mishra and Pratik Mishra
Loyola School, Jamshedpur - Anirban K and Shubham Agarwal
DAV Unit-8 - Bikash KM and Ayush Sinha
Kendriya Vidyalaya - Ms.Amrutha P and Prayash M
ISPAT Rourkela - Anirudha Bose and Ms.Megha Rath
BJB Junior College - Kumar Sailesh Mishra and Rupak Mishra

The final started on a brisk note with teams scoring quickly and the duo from ISPAT Rourkela making early inroads into the quiz. As the quiz moved from one round to another the youngest team on stage from Loyola Jamshedpur started picking up the pieces and moved closer to the ISPAT duo. The KV team also chipped in with some good answers and it started looking like a three way battle.

However, with the buzzer rounds coming into play the DAV Unit-8 duo moved ahead with some well prepared answers on the TCS round and then backed it with some clever cracks on the lateral thinking questions. The Loyola duo also stepped up the pace at this stage and got a couple of very good answers to move into the lead.

In the final round it was a four way battle but with ISPAT and KV not pushing hard on the buzzer it was a battle between DAV and Loyola which the latter clinched with one question to spare. As it emerged the youngest team stood tall at the end of it all, prompting the quizmaster to quip "It proves that in this modern world only knowledge matters and age does not".


Loyola Jamshedpur

Anirban K and Shubham Agarwal

Runner Up:

DAV Unit-8

Bikash KM and Ayush Sinha