LPS wins Lucknow thriller


Lucknow Public School Sec D: Pranshu and Himanshu


Seth MR Jaipuria: Ansh and Samridh

Earlier in the day a tough prelim described by the quizmaster as 'by far one of the toughest so far' resulted in the following six schools making it to the final:

Mercy Memorial Lucknow - Shubham Tripathi and Shivam Sharma
Lucknow Public School Sec-I - Abhishek Singh and Shubham Kumar
Seth Anandram Kanpur - Arman Verma and Akshay Singh
Seth MR Jaipuria - Ansh and Samridh
Lucknow Public School Sec D - Pranshu and Himanshu
Modern School Aliganj- Ankit Soti and Faraz Nomani

The final was a brisk affair with teams interlocked in a thick battle. Teams from Seth Anandram, Seth Jaipuria and LPS Sector D were quick to get into a lead as the other teams did well but in bursts and could not hold the momentum.

The round on TCS resulted in the LPS duo of Pranshu and Himanshu edging past the others to get into a lead. The other teams pushed hard to get closer and the LPS duo took a costly negative at this stage to make the final round absorbing. With one question remaining all three teams had a fair chance of making it to the national finale.

The LPS duo held their nerve and won the day while Seth Jaipuria did well to win the runner up title. Mr.Anoop Mishra the Chief Secretary Govt. of UP, thrilled the crowd with his own questions while congratulating them on a stupendous show.


Lucknow Public School Sec D:

Pranshu and Himanshu

Runner Up:

Seth MR Jaipuria:

Ansh and Samridh