DAV Unit 8 wins Bhubaneshwar final


DAV Unit 8 - Ayush Kumar Sinha and Sameer Sekhar


BJB Jr.College - Abhinash Palai and Kumar Sailesh Mishra

A staggering 700 plus teams, a record participation for this city set the tone and the high energy levels for the quiz. Tense young kids weaved their way through the prelim which seemed a little easier for a well prepared Odisha. The finalists were:

DAV (Pokariput) : Siddhartha and Pratik Mishra
DPS (Kalinga) - Deepanshu and Abhishek Patra
Kendriya Vidyalaya -1 - Dwiti Krushna Das and Samim Akhtar
DAV Unit 8 - Ayush Kumar Sinha and Sameer Sekhar
DAV CS Pur - Ms.Ananya Panda and Somesh Gonda
BJB Jr.College - Abhinash Palai and Kumar Sailesh Mishra

The quiz saw most teams start on the same platform scoring early. As some of the questions started passing around, BJB Jr. College took the initiative and moved ahead of the rest to set a good lead. As the other teams were trailing them they suddenly tried to accelerate further by taking half chances on the buzzer and missed three questions in a row throwing away a huge advantage.

It put all the teams in a huddle and after the next couple of rounds a more composed and careful DAV Unit 8 started making progress. In the meantime teams from KV, DAV Pokariput, DPS and DAV CS Pur tried to get ahead but could not do much, DAV CS Pur actually knowing a lot of answers but not pressing the buzzer on time.

This resulted in a two way battle between BJB and DAV Unit 8 with the former doing their best to get closer to the DAV duo but the momentum just did not come their way. DAV Unit 8 on their part closed the quiz cleverly with some good strikes and did not leave too much to the end. Deserving young winners, they will be proud to be part of the National Finale.

The head of TCS Bhubaneswar, Mr. Manoj Panda, humorously remarked “You make the quiz tougher, the kids make it look simpler”. The chief guest Mr. Madhusudan Padhi, the IT Secretary, Govt of Odisha said “We keep saying a lot of engineering students these days are not employable, when these kids come to college that scenario will completely change”, observing the high comfort levels with IT displayed by the students.


DAV Unit 8

Ayush Kumar Sinha and Sameer Sekhar

Runner Up:

BJB Jr.College

Abhinash Palai and Kumar Sailesh Mishra