The Avadh School win UP


The Avadh School : Shubham Kumar and Shashank Shekar


Lucknow Public School : Varun Singh and Lovish Pandey

Close to 600 teams and a fabulous auditorium looked inadequate as teams occupied the aisles after all the chairs were full. It set the stage for an absorbing quiz to follow. Quizmaster Pickbrain set the tone explaining how UP had one of the highest averages a year ago at the quiz and with his characteristic humour quipped ‘When you impress the quizmaster he will come back with tougher questions’. It was a tough prelim but teams lived up to the toughness.

The Avadh School - Shubham Kumar and Shashank Shekar
Seth Jaipuria - Samridh Kudesia and Ansh
Summer Valley Dehradun - Atul Goyal and Varun Chamoli
Sun Beam Varanasi - Arafat S and Ashish Rastogi
Lucknow Public School - Varun Singh and Lovish Pandey
St. Fidelis College - Ankit Kumar and Md. Hamza

The final was a tense start with all teams off the blocks early and no one really getting off to a flyer. As the quiz moved the next rounds it was the teams from Avadh, Summer Valley, LPS and St. Fidelis that inched ahead for a while as LPS and St. Fidelis played aggressively to gain some and lose some.

As the buzzers came into play on a regular basis the duo from Avadh School moved ahead with some brilliant answers in the TCS round. The other teams from Sun Beam Varanasi and Seth Jaipuria needed to gain ground and went for the buzzers on half chances losing a few points with negatives. As the quiz inched to the final rounds the Avadh team played with caution and maturity to not lose points on negatives ensuring the pressure was on the others who were chasing them. In the final round they cracked a tough poser to close the quiz in their favour while LPS and St. Fidelis played out a tie breaker for the second place which the former won.

The head of TCS Lucknow, Mr. Jayanth Krishna said “It is amazing to see the sharpness of the kids and the high levels of the quiz”. Prof. DK Gupta the Vice Chancellor of the King George’s Medical University said ”The future is all yours and I am happy that the future of this country is bright with kids like you”. Dr. RK Khandal the Vice Chancellor of Gautam Buddha Technical University was really impressed with the knowledge of the kids and observed “I hardly knew a thing and these kids are brilliant. It is truly a great platform created for children by TCS”


The Avadh School

Shubham Kumar and Shashank Shekar

Runner Up:

Lucknow Public School

Varun Singh and Lovish Pandey