Gitanjali duo stun Hyd


Gitanjali Sr.School - Siddharth B Rao and Yash Baldawa


FIIT JEE - Anirudh Ponnala and Tushant Mittal

A record 600 plus teams. Stunning display of knowledge. Future redefined. This is feeling I carried with me as I left the first edition of the TCS IT Wiz for 2013-14 at Hyderabad. The nation-wide quiz reaches over 20,000 children across 14 cities annually.
The morning began with a crisp prelim of 20 questions that covered a wide gamut of subjects from the world of IT. Quizmaster Pickbrain at his best charming the kids with his eloquence and expressive style.

The finalists at Hyderabad were:

Gitanjali Sr.School - Siddharth B Rao and Yash Baldawa
Sri Chaitanya - Aneesh Kallapur and Ms.Syeda Asna Hashmi
DPS Nacharam - Krishna Dayanidhi and Sai Sugun
HPS Begumpet - Arjun Suhas Kallapur and RV Srikara Prasad
FIIT JEE - Anirudh Ponnala and Tushant Mittal
P Obul Reddy Public School- Aakash P and Rishi Tanna

Six teams from 600 plus is a huge achievement in itself and majority of these were from class 12. Understandably, they had been to the event for a few years now and had come prepared. There were two teams with younger children HPS with a child still in class 9 and the Gitanjali School team from class 10. It prompted the quizmaster to remark that it “indicates talent not being polarized to the class 11 and 12 alone”.

The final was fast paced, showcasing a very child friendly animation based software that had been developed exclusively for the quiz by Blackboard Animation, an education software company. High end tools like Maya were used to bring the questions to life as it kept the children at the edge of their seats akin to a movie experience.

The quiz saw some stunning answers from most teams but it turned out to be a day that would look to the future as the youngest team on stage from Gitanjali School got the better of FIITJEE and Chaitanya to march into the mega final and inadvertently created a record of being the last IT Wiz champs before a new state was carved out of AP.

The guest of honour the Dr.Srikar Reddy, IFS, the Regional Passport Officer, Hyderabad was impressed with the sharp young kids and requested the organisers to “Take the quiz to far more cities” while Mr.Rajanna, the TCS head at Hyderabad advised the students that “IT will continue to stay in demand as the world strives to be more efficient”.


Gitanjali Sr.School

Siddharth B Rao and Yash Baldawa

Runner Up :


Anirudh Ponnala and Tushant Mittal