Loyola JSR are Kolkata Knights


Loyola School (Jamshedpur): Shubham Agarwal and Aviral Dasgupta


Sudhir Memorial Institute: Ananda Mazumdar and Sajjan Parida

The Science City Auditorium in its magnificence and grandeur looked even more beautiful as it was filled with students on every possible seat, waiting eagerly for the battle to identify the wiz kids of the eastern region. Quizmaster Pickbrain entered and started proceedings by first wishing the teachers a happy Teachers Day and then went about his task of hosting the prelim with great élan and precision.

The finalists who made it from the prelim were:

Garden High School - Sagnik Bhattacharya and Deeptonabho Dutta
Sudhir Memorial Institute - Ananda Mazumdar and Sajjan Parida
Kanailal Vidyamandir - Samanway Banerjee and Samiran Mondal
DPS Ruby Park - Debopriya Bhattacharya and Ankit Pati
Loyola School (Jamshedpur) - Shubham Agarwal and Aviral Dasgupta
Heritage School- Yash Rathi and Dhruv Mararka

The finale witnessed the duo from Jamshedpur surge into the lead while the others schools from Kolkata were quick to catch up, the quiz itself engrossed the audience with its captivating presentation powered by craftily created animations that kept children at the edge of their seats.

In the next couple of round Loyola moved from strength to strength and looked invincible but in their effort to score more they lost ground with three consecutive negatives making the quiz interesting. The teams from Sudhir Memorial, Heritage, DPS and Vidyamandir all were in with a chance but it was Sudhir memorial that moved closer to Loyola with a few good strikes but the Jamshedpur boys gained composure and scored again to win the title.

The host Mr.Sridhar Bakshi – the Regional Head for Eastern Operations TCS and Global Head Oracle Enterprise Solutions summarized the quiz in a witty manner “This is one day in a year when I feel outdated, these students are brilliant” he observed. The guest of honour Professor Saibal Chattopadhyay, Director IIM Calcutta appreciated the concept and said “I am happy TCS called me here and it is wonderful to see these youngsters ready to take on the world”.


Loyola School (Jamshedpur):

Shubham Agarwal and Aviral Dasgupta

Runner Up:

Sudhir Memorial Institute:

Ananda Mazumdar and Sajjan Parida