Lucknow Public School dominate UP


Lucknow Public School LDA Colony : Lovish Pandey and Varun Singh


St.Fidelis College : Ankit and Md.Hamza

With over 600 teams and the rains over the last couple of days in UP setting up a near perfect climatic condition for a quiz the stage was all set as teams from all over the state and Dehradun walked in. Busy tweeting their views were the teams as quizmaster Pickbrain walked in to commence proceedings that led to the final six schools after a prelim.

Summer Valley (Dehradun) - Prarbdh Ranjan and Aaroh Dhoundiyal
Seth Anandram Jaipurai (Kanpur) - Shubhankar Seth and Rishabh Gupta
Lucknow Public School LDA Colony - Lovish Pandey and Varun Singh
The Avadh School - Shubham Rajput and Shashank Shekar
St.Fidelis College - Ankit and Md.Hamza
City Montessori Lucknow - Pankaj Baranwal and Rishubh Singh

The final looked close for barely a round after which the duo from Lucknow Public started scoring at will hurtling themselves to an unassailable lead, prompting the quizmaster to even state that he had not seen such a dominating team this year in all the 12 cities he had covered for this quiz. The battle was evidently for the second place which was fought narrowly between Seth Anandram, St.Fidelis and The Avadh School. The duo from St.Fidelis inched past the others with some good answers.

Quizmaster Pickbrain who entertained the audience with his quick wit and motivating style also pointed that the total score of all the teams would be an interesting statistic to look at given the excellent performance of all teams.

Mr.Jayanth Krishna the Head of TCS Lucknow said “It is amazing to see a city that was last in the city averages in 2007 rise to the top above the Bangalores, Chennais and Punes”. The guests of honour were Prof.Abhishek Mishra, Minister for Science & Technology, Govt. of UP and Mr. Alok Ranjan (IAS) Infrastructure and Industrial Development Commissioner (IIDC) and Agricultural Production Commissioner (APC) , Govt. of UP.

The savvy minister and former IIM professor rightly observed “We have always spoken of this knowledge capital that we have and are creating measures to ensure this talent stays back in UP”. Mr.Ranjan said “It is a very happy and satisfying feeling to see such talent in our state”


Lucknow Public School LDA Colony

Lovish Pandey and Varun Singh

Runner Up:

St.Fidelis College

Ankit and Md.Hamza