DAV tops Odisha's battle of nerves


DAV Pokhariput - Dibyendu Mishra and Krishnendu Mohapatra


DPS Kalinga - Akshat Praneet and K.Anshuman

Over a 1000 children thronged the banquet hall of PAL Heights, Bhubaneswar for their edition of TCS IT Wiz. Smiling, Chatting, Quizzing and Tweeting they all had a blast as the prelim seemed simple and they seemed to score easily and wanted no clues. The finalists who made it from the prelim were:

DPS Kalinga - Akshat Praneet and K.Anshuman
BJEM-1 Bhubaneshwar - Ankit Singh and Tirtha Tilak Pani
DAV Pokhariput - Dibyendu Mishra and Krishnendu Mohapatra
ODM Public School, Patia - Sampat Mishra and Vishal Shenoy
DAV CS Pur - Mayank Agarwal and Vinayak Pradhan
Mother’s Public School - Susovan Mahapatra and Harshit Agarwal

The final was a cliff-hanger with all the teams evenly placed at the end of the first couple of rounds. The quality of answers underlined the ever increasing interest and comfort towards IT in this region of India.

In the TCS round, the quiz opened up even further as DAV Pokhariput were in the lead but closely followed by DPS, Mothers Public and BJEM. Tactics were tested in the next rounds as DAV Pokhariput opted to play safe and the other teams started taking risks.

As the excitement mounted and the quiz inched to the final question, DPS had to get it right to get past DAV but the latter held on and made it to the national level by a slender margin of five.

The host Mr. Manoj Kumar Panda, Head of TCS Bhubaneswar appreciated the teams and observed, “The trends change each year not just with the quiz but now with also the tweets, showing how Bhubaneshwar is rapidly progressing in IT”. The guest of honour Mr. Bibhu Prasad Mahapatra and the chief guest Mr. Rudra Narayan Palai gave away the prizes to the finalists.


DAV Pokhariput

Dibyendu Mishra and Krishnendu Mohapatra

Runner Up:

DPS Kalinga

Akshat Praneet and K.Anshuman