Sri Chaitanya's tactical win at Hyderabad


Sri Chaitanya Jr. Kalasala - Siddharth Rao and Upamanya Dutta


Hyderabad Public School - Pranav Mihir and Arjun S Kallapur

It was a season starter. It was the big show all schools had been waiting for like the release of a big budget film. What would be the rounds? Will Pickbrain change the format? Will it be tougher? All these and more were questions beyond the quiz that captivated the imagination of the students in the run up to the event.

As the clock ticked to thirty past ten, in walked Pickbrain to a thunderous applause, as students braced themselves for the prelim that followed. His volley of questions covered a wide range of subjects and the stage was set for the first final of the 14-15 season.

The finalists at Hyderabad were:

Hyderabad Public School - Pranav Mihir and Arjun S Kallapur
Sri Chaitanya Olympiad School - Aakashdeep Shome and Priyansh Shandilya
Little Flower - Md.Hasmi and Shivank Singh
Gitanjali Sr.School - Suhas Putta and Lucky Kaul
Sri Chaitanya Jr. Kalasala - Siddharth Rao and Upamanya Dutta
Excel Jr.College - Sai Teja Reddy and Kartikeya Sharma

Six teams from 600 plus is a huge achievement in itself and majority of these were from class 12. Understandably, they had been to the event for a few years now and had come prepared. There were two teams with younger children HPS with a child still in class 9 and the Gitanjali School team from class 10. It prompted the quizmaster to remark that it “indicates talent not being polarized to the class 11 and 12 alone”.

The final unfolded with three teams from below class 10 qualifying with one of them still in class 8. It reflected the eagerness of the students to make it to the big stage as also the talent pool of the city.

The quiz itself was fast paced powered by an interesting and absorbing animation software created by Blackboard Animation, a Bangalore based company that kept everyone at the edge of their seats.

The rounds transcended from one to another and Siddharth and Upamanya emerged victorious after displaying some mature quizzing tactics and playing the game with remarkable thought. The duo from HPS finished runner up on a tie breaker inching past Gitanjali.

The guest of honour Shri Harpreet Singh (IAS) and Secretary IT, Electronics and Communications, Govt of Telangana gave away prizes along with Mr.Rajanna, Head TCS Hyderabad.


Sri Chaitanya Jr. Kalasala

Siddharth Rao and Upamanya Dutta

Runner Up :

Hyderabad Public School

Pranav Mihir and Arjun S Kallapur