Sagar Public School retains Indore


Sagar Public School, Bhopal - Aditya Nair & Ayush Songra


St.Arnold's Higher Secondary School, Indore - Shivash Beohar & Aryan Das

A mammoth turnout on a pleasant Wednesday set the tone for the Indore edition. At the last count before the prelims began we had close to 650 teams in the auditorium which made the atmosphere, in one word, electrifying! Not only were there students from the city of Indore but a lot of teams had come from the neighbouring cities. The prelim had the teams wracking their brains not only trying to answer the questions but also working out the clues by quizmaster Lloyd Saldanha.

DPS Indore - Rik Das Purkayastha and Abhishek Ghosh
St. Arnold's H.S School - Shivansh Beohar and Aryan Das
SPS Bhopal - Aditya Nair and Ayush Songra
St. Paul Higher Secondary School - Sachneet Bhatia and Hardik Bansal
New Digamber Public School - Aman Aafaque Ahmed and Jayesh Kasera
The Emrald International School - Mitesh Goyal and Kanishk Agarwal

The final saw a see-saw battle between the eventual winners, SPS – Bhopal and the second placed team St. Arnold’s. From the word go, these two were at it and both teams were not willing to give the other an inch. Though, after the first couple of rounds, SPS did have a quick lead, but the duo from St. Arnold’s were not to be left behind.

It was the TCS round, that St. Arnold’s decided to increase the tempo and take some risks which did pay off, along with SPS taking a negative, the game seemed evenly poised. Not to be left behind, DPS and The Emerald Heights did try to stage a late comeback, but they were just not in striking range to catch up with the top two teams.

The quiz moved rapidly towards the final round with either of the teams having a chance at winning the final. With one question to go a mere five points separated the two teams and it was at the final question that SPS – Bhopal took a huge risk which paid off, leading to them being crowned the Indore Champions. The prizes were distributed by Prof. Rishikesha T. Krishnan, Director and Professor of Strategic Management at the Indian Institute of Management Indore, along with Mr. Venguswamy Ramaswamy, Vice President and Global head of TCS iON.


Sagar Public School

Bhopal - Aditya Nair & Ayush Songra

Runner Up:

St.Arnold's Higher Secondary School

Indore - Shivash Beohar & Aryan Das