R N Podar shine at Mumbai


RN Podar - Abhishek M and Nikhil Kumar


Rajhans Vidyalaya - Avi Seth and Yash Sharma

Over 350 teams on a quiet Sunday morning at Mumbai brought an auditorium and the heart of the city to life. Pickbrain started proceedings and after a series of 20 questions in the prelim, six schools made it to the finale.

Rajhans Vidyalaya - Avi Seth and Yash Sharma
Sulochanadevi Singhania School - Manan Jhaveri and Bhavesh Kumar
Gopi Birla - Naman Shah and Dishank Jhaveri
Pace Jr. Science College - Ishaan Gupta and Tarish Sen
DAV Nerul - Melvin Joseph and Sarthak Sharma
RN Podar - Abhishek M and Nikhil Kumar

The final saw teams from Rajhans, the Singhania's and RN Podar dominate the quiz from the start. Answers were of high quality as teams seemed rather comfortable with the world of technology. The quiz moved quickly with interesting rounds aided by sleek animation that kept everyone at the edge of their seats.

With the onset of the buzzers, the duo from RN Podar started moving ahead and displayed a lot of confidence and knowledge as they amassed a massive lead to ensure they won the quiz and made it to the national level.

The battle for the second place was tight but the boys from Rajhans did well towards the end to ensure they won that title. The audience too won their share of prizes as some of them managed to the crack the posers that the teams on stage could not.

The guest of honour Mr. Rajesh Gopinath the CFO of TCS, remarked that the quiz was a "true reflection of modern India", pointing to how teams did not wait for others to make mistakes but took the risks themselves. “That is the hallmark of a champion” he added.


RN Podar

- Abhishek M and Nikhil Kumar

Runner Up:

Rajhans Vidyalaya

Avi Seth and Yash Sharma