Navrachana wins Gujarat convincingly


Navrachana School Sama, Vadodara : Sujay Nigam and Sachin Agarwal


St. Kabir, Ahmedabad : Maharsh Shah and Bhavya B.

Gujarat lived up to its reputation of being a tech savvy state with a record turnout for the 2016 edition of the TCS IT Wiz, with teams from not just from Ahmedabad but from across the entire state.

Pickbrain recognised this and also the fact that the state had a very large number of girls taking part. He also recognised the IT prowess of the students here and unveiled a prelim, which sure seemed tougher than the other cities. The teams that made it to the final were:

St. Kabir, Ahmedabad: Anish Saxena and Devarshi Rawal
DPS Bopal: Aditya R. and Shubranghshu Dutta
Navrachana, Sama, Vadodara: Sujay Nigam and Sachin Agarwal
Shanti Asiatic: Jinit Shah and Vaibhav Khanna
St. Kabir, Vadodara: Maharsh Shah and Bhavya B.
Udgam School: Ritwik and Aditya Bhatia

The first couple of rounds of the quiz was a four way battle between St.Kabirs, Navrachana and DPS, all at par with each other. As the quiz moved into the mid phases the duo from Navrachana started moving ahead of the rest, while DPS and St. Kabir Vadodara were not too far behind.

After the next couple of rounds, the Navrachana team kept moving from strength to strength, while in the quest to move ahead the DPS duo lost some ground on the buzzer.

The St. Kabir Vadodara team played the game with maturity realising they did not stand a chance to win so played well to ensure they finish second.The Navrachana team finished with a strong score to mark their place in the national round, yet again.

The guest of honour, Mrs. Manjula Pooja Shroff, noted educationalist, appreciated the teams not just for their knowledge but their ability to strategise and take the right risks. Mr. Hasit Kaji, Head, TCS Ahmedabad underlined how these children were going to leverage the benefits of a generation that would be default on digital.


Navrachana School Sama, Vadodara

Sujay Nigam and Sachin Agarwal

Runner Up :

St. Kabir, Ahmedabad

Maharsh Shah and Bhavya B.