GKD dominate Coimbatore


GKD : Bragadeeswaran and Hari Krishna


St. Judes Kotagiri : Mithun and K Aswin

Over 1300 students at the quiz and the auditorium was buzzing before the word go. Quizmaster Pickbrain was impressed with the fact that several teams had come from cities and towns around Coimbatore travelling over 4 to 5 hours to be part of the event. He appreciated the schools for taking keen interest in platforms such as this quiz to help the students widen their horizons.

Vidyaniketan : Jitendran and Aathithya
GKD : Bragadeeswaran and Hari Krishna
Suguna PIP : Varun Krishna and Tarun K
Yuvabharathi : Arun Ravi and Tharun Kumar
Riverside Kotagiri : Hritesh and Ashwith
St.Judes Kotagiri : Mithun and K Aswin

The final was an out of the world experience for the huge audience. Teams cracked posers with great ease, though they seemed difficult. The wit of the quizmaster stood out as he took the audience with him cracking timely one liners and crafty retorts to teams that kept all in good stead.

The quiz saw a head to head battle between the team from GKD and St. Judes with the former going on a rampage and amassing an unassailable lead very quickly. They ended the quiz with a record score.

What was impressive was the fact that they had finished runner up for two years prior to this and made a resolve to win this time.

The other observation from the quizmaster was that St. Judes which scored an impressive 50 had to be content with the runner up title, while the same score could have won them the title in many other cities.

The TCS Chennai head of operations Mr. Suresh Ramani who had travelled from Chennai to be part of the final, made a witty observation that while Coimbatore has been classified a smart city, it seemed to him as the smartest city from the performance in the quiz. He also urged the youngsters to develop a digital inclination over time.



Bragadeeswaran and Hari Krishna

Runner Up:

St. Judes Kotagiri:

Mithun and K Aswin