Navrachana dominates Gujarat


Navrachana School Sama, Vadodara : Sujay Nigam and Sachin Agarwal


St. Kabir, Ahmedabad : Jayneel Pandya and Devarshi Rawal

The TCS IT Wiz quizzing extravaganza unfolded its 2017 edition at Ahmedabad. Over 1000 children from across the state of Gujarat, brimming with confidence and loaded with enthusiasm, set the stage for an electrifying day of quizzing at Ahmedabad.

Quizmaster Pickbrain presented a prelim that was very balanced, covering a wide gamut of topics, that forced the teams to think. The six schools that made it to the final were:

Maharaja Agrasen Vidyalaya, Ahmedabad : Aditya C. and Nikhil B.
Navrachana School Sama, Vadodara : Sujay Nigam and Sachin Agarwal
St. Kabir, Ahmedabad : Jayneel Pandya and Devarshi Rawal
DPS Bopal : Simrit Kaul and Shreshth
St. Kabir, Vadodara : Bhavya Bhaskar and Bhavya Raninga
Prakash H.S School : Devam Shah and Dhruvish Vaidya

The final was an electrifying experience for the entire audience. Like each year, the quiz had a new gamification platform which was creative and engaging. The finale began with all teams playing well in the first two rounds but as the quiz moved rapidly from one question to another the duo from Navrachana were in action cracking questions, at will.

In the two rounds that followed they had amassed a good lead answering multiple straight hits on the buzzer and continued in the same manner to finish as champions. Other schools that were trailing Navrachana fought a tie, with St. Kabir from Ahmedabad, getting it right, to clinch the runner up title.

The guest of honour was eminent scientist Dr. Tapan Mishra, Director, Space Application Centre. In a crisp motivating message, he enlightened the students on the importance of striving for excellence for oneself and not for anyone else. He was joined by Mr. Hasit Kaji, Head TCS Gujarat, to give away the prizes to the teams and the other winners of the popular twitter contests.


Navrachana School Sama, Vadodara

Sujay Nigam and Sachin Agarwal

Runner Up :

St. Kabir, Ahmedabad

Jayneel Pandya and Devarshi Rawal