Gopi Birla top Mumbai


Gopi Birla Memorial School : Bhavya Shah and Adit R.


Sulochana Singhania School : Soham Roy and Advait Pai

The Mumbai edition of the quiz has always been a bit ticket event. This year the magnetism of the quiz went even further from the top Mumbai schools to schools from Nashik and other surrounding locations of Mumbai being part of the quiz. Quizmaster Pickbrain presented a prelim that he himself termed “moderately tough” given that it was a big city prelim. The six schools that made it to the final were:

Gopi Birla Memorial School : Bhavya Shah and Adit R.
Lokhandwala Foundation School : Rishith Menon and Tanay Nagar
DPS Nashik : Aaditya Rathi and Gurdeep Thakur
Sulochana Singhania School : Soham Roy and Advait Pai
Dhirubhai Ambani Int. School : Navya Mehta and Sabhya Chhabria
Nirmala Memorial School : Yash Patel and Yatharth Shah

The final was swift and timed for 40 minutes, akin to a period on a school timetable. The quiz witnessed a pitched battle between the teams from all the schools. The knowledge and comfort that the students displayed on IT was amazing. The questions that the teams could not crack were easily negotiated by those in the audience reflecting a talent pool beyond the finalists as well.

The final witnessed a very humbling moment for all, as the winning team from Gopi Birla featured a boy who is visually impaired but played the game on a level playing field and emerged a champion. “The school, his parents, his team mate and he deserve all the credit and praise for choosing to take on life the way it is and focus on what needs to be achieved” said quizmaster Pickbrain. The duo from Sulochana Singhania School played well to finish runner up.

The guest of honour Mr. Krishnan Ramanujam, President, Business and Technology Services, TCS was delighted to see the talent and summarised the event with a witty remark that with all his experience in IT he could only crack a portion of the questions, while the students seemed to show greater levels of comfort.


Gopi Birla Memorial School

Bhavya Shah and Adit R.

Runner Up:

Sulochana Singhania School

Soham Roy and Advait Pai