Pratibha International Excel at Pune


Pratibha International School: Rishi L and Rigved D


Hutchings High School :Anish K and Aryan Jain

Every time we have the quiz here, I find new schools and young teams with students still in class 8 and 9 make it to the final observed celebrated quizmaster Pickbrain as he got underway with the final appreciative of the good schooling culture at Pune. Earlier in the day, a quick prelim led to the final six schools. They were:

Pratibha International School: : Rishi L and Rigved D.
City International School: : Panam S and Sattwik S
The Bishop’s School : Malhar C and Jason D
Hutchings High School: Anish K and Aryan Jain
Walnut School : Shlok B and Akeen K.
Dr. Kalmadi Shamarao High School : Sudhanwa R and Vihang V.

The final was a very closely fought battle with the traditional powerhouses of school quizzing, the Bishop Boys doing very well early on. The newer schools and younger teams took their time to settle down. Once they were in the zone the quiz was very interesting and well-paced.

As the quiz progressed the teams from Hutchings and Pratibha International started moving ahead putting the pressure on the Bishop Boys. It all looked even as the quiz entered the final round.

The duo from Prathiba played very well at this stage to clinch their maiden title while Hutchings got the better of the rest to finish runner.

The guest of honour Sylvian Comiti, Director, Refinery 4.0 at Total spoke of the need for technology in every sphere of work while Sacheen. R the Centre Head of TCS Pune spoke of the new standard the students were setting.


Pratibha International School

Rishi L and Rigved D

Hutchings High School

Anish K and Aryan Jain

Ryan International, Khargar:

Kaustubh P and Adithya N

Sulochanadevi Singhanai, Thane:

Bhavya Mehta and Gaurav Kumar

Navy Children School, Colaba:

Athang K and Siddharth Nair

Bombay Scottish School, Powai :

Adithya Agarwal and Karan Nagdev


Udayachal High School, Vikhroli:

Soumya Ghosh and Jaishankar

Runner Up :

DAV Public School, New Panvel:

Aman Thakur and Ashutosh