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TCS Optumera™

AI-Powered Retail Optimization Suite



As retailers strategize for the post-COVID world marked with rising costs, changing shopping behavior, stifling competition and implementing safety norms, an imperative need is to be able to respond swiftly. This requires a tectonic shift in the way retailers operate. The way forward is providing the required resilience to unlock exponential value and make decisions with confidence backed with big data, predictive analytics, intelligent real-time, personalized and localized insights.

Optumera Digital Merchandising Suite

TCS Solution

TCS Optumera™ AI-powered retail optimization suite, helps to optimize merchandising and supply chain decisions in an integrated manner.

Macro Space Optimization: Recommends optimal space to drive autonomous space strategies

Price, Promotion and Markdown Optimization: Unifies price, promotion and markdown decisions for sales growth

Omnichannel Assortment Optimization: Complete customers basket across channels considering demand transferability, customer choice sets, predictive analytics and competitive assortment

Fashion Assortment: Predict the success of new style, set initial price right leveraging computer vision capabilities

Self-Learning Supply Chain: Multi-dimensional concurrent optimization across supply chain KPIs, replenishment plans and forecasting


Optimizing Macro Space to Increase Sales

Improve macro space utilization to achieve high levels of availability and variety for customers.

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