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Put Your Shoppers in the Driver's Seat

Our digital merchandising suite fuels sales by creating personalized, cross-channel shopping experiences.



Today’s demanding shopper, thinning margin, ubiquitous competition, and ever changing macroeconomic landscape puts a lot of pressure on how retailers need to merchandise and supply products. In this era, retailers need re-imagine themselves to be agile and recalibrate strategy with deep insights in run-time, as things change to drive profitability and customer satisfaction.

Optumera Digital Merchandising Suite

TCS Solution

TCS Optumera™ is a Digital Merchandising Suite that harnesses the power of Big Data analytics, and prescriptive algorithms to respond to evolving consumer and market trends.

Here are some of our key capabilities:

  • Optumera Macro Space Optimization: Leverages over 500 data sources with advanced algorithms to localize and right-size store space categories and simulate store space changes to de-risk expensive investments

  • Optumera Omni-Channel Assortment and Analytics: Analyses shopper behavior, missions, trips, decision hierarchies, demand transfer, preferences and affinities to identify missing opportunity and create the right mix across channels.

  • Optumera Competitive Pricing: Applies real-time computational intelligence to track and pre-empt competitor's prices, assortment and inventory across channels to enables retailers to create winning competitive strategies

  • Optumera Recognyze: Leverages computer vision and artificial intelligence to align with customer expectations and enhance shelf performance and in store shelf execution

  • Optumera Concept to Contract: Helps fashion retailers to ideate, collaborate and negotiate with vendors, merchants, designers, fashionistas, and shoppers.


Optimizing Macro Space to Increase Sales

Improve macro space utilization to achieve high levels of availability and variety for customers.

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