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CPG companies are striving to reorient performance to better engage with and service today’s informed consumers. They sense a need to use digital technology for seamless IT–OT integration. Companies want to leverage aspects such as mobility, cloud computing, advanced analytics, and Big Data to learn more about how their business can be more productive. CPG companies are currently hindered by inadequate alternatives that can enable enterprises to connect the shop floor to the top floor.

TCS Solution


  • Sourcing Solutions: We can optimize sourcing spend by helping companies with capital goods sourcing and capital spend management, among other things.
  • Plant and Warehouse Operations Solutions: We offer layout design and warehouse operations optimization solutions. Our geographic information systems (GIS), and control system integration (CSI) and IoT-based remote monitoring and control offerings streamline material movement.
  • Package, Equipment, and Process Design Solution: We offer virtual simulation systems and CAD environments.
  • Digital Factory Solutions: We help companies manage energy, monitor remotely, and predict maintenance goals.
  • Manufacturing Operations Transformation (MOT): We standardize manufacturing, operations and IT processes by establishing consistent rules, tools, and right behaviours.


  • Improve asset utilization

  • Improve Source to Procurement (S2P) and automated Procurement to Pay (P2P) processes

  • Achieve flexible manufacturing operations with optimized inventory

  • Enable process driven manufacturing and IT integration

  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

  • Reduce cycle time for plant, product, package, equipment, and process design services

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