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Today, the manufacturing industry is highly dynamic. Globalization processes, cost pressures, and stringent regulatory requirements force manufacturers to look for new ways to gain operational efficiencies with focus on their plants. They need the right technologies and methods to enhance processes and operations in the supply chain.

TCS Solution

TCS Plant Solutions and Services tightly integrate the manufacturing, line-of-business operations, engineering, quality, and global supplier networks. Our solutions encompass:

  • Control Automation Solution to optimize core manufacturing processes and assets
  • Digital Manufacturing Solution to provide factory layout designs
  • Manufacturing Execution & Intelligence (ME&I) offering to improve customer satisfaction, market responsiveness, asset utilization, and regulatory compliance
  • Integrated Asset Management (IAM) to reduce your Total Cost of Ownership of assets
  • Sourcing Solution to offer you a leaner supply chain with cost-effective sources            
  • Process Optimization Solutions (POS) to increase throughput, efficiency, and product quality


  • Improve and optimize your processes
  • Reduce costs with our Control Automation Solutions
  • Get detailed cost estimation and cost component analysis
  • Gain higher manufacturing visibility
  • Integrate production and supply chain processes
  • Ensure high asset availability with low maintenance
  • Reduce raw material and energy consumption
  • Boost your savings with the best sourcing solutions 

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