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Qiagen Extends Global Reach, recognizes TCS as its Long-term Strategic Partner
Jonathan Davis, Head of Global IT Operations and Cyber Security, Qiagen, describes how, since 2013, the partnership with TCS enabled them to seamlessly complete mergers and acquisitions, reimagine IT service delivery, and improve global Information and assets security.
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Sample to Insight Solutions

Experience Results

 QIAGEN has built its reputation as a global leader in delivering best-in-class samples to insight solutions to more than 500,000 customers worldwide. The company has steadily fueled business growth and expanded its global footprint through consistent M&As across geographies. As a long-term strategic partner, TCS played an instrumental role in helping QIAGEN integrate and merge with other organizations seamlessly—leveraging our presence in the region with onsite personnel and resources. Together, TCS and QIAGEN reimagined and optimized IT service delivery – co-innovating and exploring over  150 innovative ideas, and digitalizing key IT and business processes. This brought QIAGEN’s IT infrastructure closer to its 4,700 employees across 35 countries.

Experience Partnership

Driven by the success of the initial engagement, QIAGEN decided to entrust TCS’ security operations centre with the task of protecting its global asset network against both internal and external threats 24x7. As a result of the positive outcomes, QIAGEN has come to rely on TCS as a strategic partner, and is planning to extend the service contract for five more years. In addition to IT services, TCS continues to provide more non-IT services across QIAGEN research and development (R&D), human resources, finance, legal, and other areas.

Experience Leadership

 While reflecting on how well the TCS-QIAGEN collaboration has shaped up over the last few years, Jonathan mentions that it has been an amazing journey, and it is difficult to continue differentiating between the two partners. TCS’ extensive domain knowledge has been critical for bringing value to the business and ensuring that the 500,000 customers of QIAGEN experiences, the best that the company has to offer.

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