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Sainsbury’s Simplifies Workflows, Reduces Spend

TCS builds and transforms leading retailer’s business workflow using Office 365.

Office 365 SharePoint Power Platform


Sainsbury’s wanted to modernize its legacy workflow platform.

Sainsbury’s, a leading UK-based retailer, wanted to transform its workflows from the legacy SharePoint platform to a modern solution. Retirement of the existing technology would mean turning off the existing workflows, including financial approval processes and other key business functionalities. With more than 8,000 workflows to transform, Sainsbury’s needed the right project planning to track the complexity of the workflows. Furthermore, the transformative solution also needed to align with the cloud-based Office 365 integrated solution with a no code or less code approach.


TCS implemented Power Automate solution to enable system transformation

TCS helped Sainsbury’s transform its legacy workflows built on SharePoint 2010 technology. TCS undertook a discovery exercise to conduct an in-depth analysis of the existing workflows of the business  and helped deprioritize and transform those not supported by its solution. The solution was delivered using an agile/scrum methodology in alignment with the Azure Dev Ops Tool, which helped the client track and maximize an individual’s productivity.

“This was a seamless transition which is exactly what you need from a key IT partner.” Tesh Dave, Senior Engineering Manager, Sainsbury’s


Remove obsolete workflows via cloud-based, automated SaaS solution.

TCS helped remove 7,000+ obsolete workflows while ensuring business continuity with minimal impact on productivity. Power Automate best practices allowed end user to self-create and innovate.


workflows removed


workflows migrated


productivity and functionality retained


development costs saved

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