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Simplifying cloud management and orchestration

TCS-Partner Solution

TCS Cloud Exponence helps enterprises to centralize resource management on cloud computing environments such as Google Cloud Platform. Enabled with out-of-the-box reporting views and heat maps on cloud utilization, tenancy, resource utilization, and more, Cloud Exponence simplifies cloud management and orchestration. The platform ensures governance through an analytics layer providing actionable insights into security, predictive costs, and DevOps services. The solution comprises the following features:

Offload Complexity – Automation and Service Catalogues

Thanks to its automation-driven built-in catalogues, Cloud Exponence offers a nimble and productive application infrastructure. It leverages the power of GCP’s cloud-native services to orchestrate and automate cloud life cycle activities.

Secure Computing Environments - SecOps

Cloud Exponence provides end-to-end security information and event management for continuous monitoring of GCP environments. Its security dashboard ensures a transparent view of threat monitoring and provides alerts on security breaches. Besides, it comes integrated with IT service management, antivirus, and automation platforms.

Predictive Cost Management – FinOps

Often, organizations run multiple cloud services across departments and geographies, thereby running the risk of overspending due to lack of governance and visibility. Cloud Exponence consolidates billing and presents detailed cost reports based on cloud resources, business units, projects, applications, and environments. It enables cost optimization via right sizing, capacity, and configuration mapping. Cloud Exponence creates spend forecast reports and sends alerts based on consumption for predictive cost management.

Accelerated Application Delivery – DevOps

Cloud Exponence enables companies to build, test, and deploy applications continuously on the cloud using DevOps-based managed services to compile code, run quality assurance, and produce deployment-ready software through automation. TCS combines third-party DevOps tools with GCP’s native services for accelerated application delivery.

The TCS-GCP alliance offers exponential benefits through the Cloud Exponence solution:

  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership – Enabling predictable service costs through a consumption-based delivery model.

  • Flexibility - Adapting to technology changes.

  • Agility - Improving time to market for business applications.

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