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  • In-store customer experience is a focus area for retailers as they seek to reduce the gap between offline and online shopping, enable personalization, and enhance the overall supply chain.
  • Smart and connected technologies can address the challenges across the key business functions of retail—merchandising, stores, and supply chain.
  • TCS Smart Store solution helps retailers reimagine store operations, optimize operational costs, improve productivity, and enhance the customer experience.


The opportunity

Stores have always been at the epicenter of retail disruption, be it the onslaught of digital or the recent pandemic.

To compete with e-commerce giants, the present-day retailers are looking at smart sustainable facilities that are digitally enabled with smart technologies and help reduce the gap between offline and online shopping experience. Although footfalls are decreasing, retail stores remain the most important buying channel.

Retailers are trying to adopt smart and connected technologies such as radio frequency identification (RFID), computer vision, smart cards, smart kiosks, mobile applications, automated payment, IoT, augmented/virtual/mixed reality inside the store for addressing the requirements across the key business functions of retail—merchandising, stores, and supply chain.

How TCS can help

TCS’ Smart Store solution empowers retailers to reimagine store operations, optimize operational costs, secure store, improve productivity, and enhance customer experience.

  • Improve customer experience: Transform the in-store experience with wayfinding or indoor navigation, personalized offers, endless aisles, click and collect, in-store returns, smart dressing rooms, immersive content delivery, scan-as-you-go, and customer journey map.
  • Ensure inventory management: Elements such as on-shelf-availability, planogram compliance, waste prevention, electronic price updates, shelf edge ads, inventory reconciliation, gap scan are more tuned to ensure effective store inventory management
  • Enhance associate productivity: Components such as customer engagement, store collaboration, queue management, shelf replenishment, cash reconciliation and order fulfilment are built to address the need for effective utilization of the limited staff in the retail store.
  • Enable correct ambience and environment: TCS offers temperature monitoring and control, Lux monitoring and control, food temperature monitoring, central audio controls, and video signage controls.
  • Secure store: Self-checkout-loss (SCO loss) prevention slips and trips, theft monitoring and alerts, safety at docks, hazardous materials handling, smoke alarms, visitor management, and smart surveillance are few solutions that TCS offers to secure the store.
  • Manage assets effectively: Solution elements like refrigeration monitoring, HVAC monitoring, asset tracking, predictive maintenance, intelligent energy control, trolley tracking / locking, and pallet tracking enable effective asset management in the store.


"Empowers retailers to reimagine store operations and enhance the customer experience."



Smart Store helps retailers meet rising digital demand by providing a unique shopping experience within and beyond physical stores, ensuring effective inventory management, while achieving productivity and business goals.

  • Personalized shopping experience within and beyond physical stores
  • Integrated retail enterprise with mobile first commerce, a robust data platform, and agile digital services architecture
  • Seamless and frictionless customer experience
  • Mitigation of risks of data security and privacy and GDPR compliance
  • Unified ecosystem with modularity and scalability enables large scale deployment to multiple stores with a minimal configuration
  • Future ready cloud agnostics technology platform swiftly addresses infrastructure demand
  • Digital interoperability helps in delivering a harmonized customer experience across diverse shopping channels

The TCS advantage

We partner with global retailers and help them become digital-first businesses.

  • Focus on in-store technology: TCS helps build differentiating capabilities through niche technologies such as image and video analytics, RFID, AR/VR/XR, multi-sensor fusion, low power short- and long-range connectivity solutions, integrated with cloud platform.
  • Products and platforms: TCS solutions use the integrated power of new-age technologies through a portfolio of innovative products and platforms that include the retail optimization suite TCS OptumeraTM, unified commerce platform TCS OmniStoreTM, TCS Algo RetailTM, and TCS Image and Video Analytics Tool Kit (IVTK).
  • Innovation ecosystem: TCS has invested in creative hubs for co-innovation such as TCS Pace Ports, besides collaboration with top universities and curated startup ecosystems. Our cognitive workbenches self-learn and help global retailers to accelerate their transformation into automated, intelligent, autonomous enterprises.
  • Recognitions: TCS Smart Store has received wide recognition for its features and capabilities. TCS Smart Store, won 2021 IOT global award in retail, marketing, and hospitality industry segment.