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TCS Clever Energy™

Drive energy efficiency and achieve carbon neutrality


The Challenge

As per various energy council reports, commercial and industrial buildings use more delivered and renewable energy, consuming about 94% of the world’s total delivered energy and emitting more than one-third of greenhouse gases. Their energy usage patterns are unpredictable, given the size and complexity of enterprise operations.

Enterprises are seeking to use IoT, edge and AI-based analytics to achieve energy efficiency and reach their carbon neutral goals.

TCS Solution

TCS Clever Energy™ is an award-winning enterprise-level energy and emission management system that helps commercial and industrial organizations be more sustainable, ensure energy and cost efficiency, and decrease carbon emissions.

It provides a comprehensive platform covering the multiple energy functions of an enterprise and supports the integration of heterogeneous systems and assets. Key features include:

  • Just-in-time maintenance: Leverages an AI-ML framework to monitor the energy demand, usage pattern and escalate anomalies
  • Self-optimizing feature: Adapts to new working conditions without manual intervention to provide customized analytics
  • Scalable architecture: Ensures rapid deployment within 8-10 weeks and expands to a range of equipment
  • Carbon management and reporting: Provides accurate carbon emission data to support compliance and sustainability


The solution helps enterprises:

  • Acquire real-time energy data from diverse infrastructure spread across geographies, and legacy and proprietary systems
  • Drive 24x7 real-time energy monitoring and gain enterprise-wide consolidated view to provide actionable insights for faster decision making
  • Make informed decisions through predictive analytics to improve assets utilization
  • Gain flexibility in delivery and cost savings through unique commercial pricing models
  • Ensure faster realization of ROI where the roll-out is completed within two months, leading to a tangible ROI (as high as 300%) after 8-16 months
  • Adapt quickly to new buildings and new patterns in consumptions, outages, weather and occupancy
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Navigating a Sustainable Future in Energy Management

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