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TCS Connected Universe Platform

Harness the Power of IoT

Connect assets, manage devices, process data streams, run analytics, and create new services



Enterprises are increasingly adopting IoT on a commercial scale as part of their Business 4.0 journey. Generic cloud platforms do not meet IoT-specific needs. What the enterprises require is a flexible, scalable, and robust platform that helps ingest, manage, and analyze IoT data from disparate sources and devices. Moreover, deploying IoT solutions and simultaneously complying with security and data privacy regulations is a major challenge. To harness the full potential of IoT, enterprises need a foundational platform that is customizable and can be deployed and managed seamlessly.

TCS Solution

TCS Connected Universe Platform (TCUP) is a cloud-agnostic platform for enterprises to develop, deploy, and manage IoT software applications with ease. TCUP enables sensor data management, data acquisition, as well as software upgrades. Our edge processing and edge analytics features empower companies with real-time data reporting and visualization.

TCUP helps organizations simplify their digital transformation journey. It supports:

●          Data stream processing

●          Rule-based event processing

●          Data pipelines and batch analytics

●          Data lake management

●          Asset modelling and tracking

●          Edge processing and edge analytics

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation using TCUP

Through its IoT platform, TCS is helping Rolls-Royce transform its digital service offerings.

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