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TCS Connected Universe Platform

Harness the Power of IoT

Connect assets, manage devices, process data streams, run analytics and develop IoT applications



Fueled by the rise of smart technology adoption, businesses are keen on exploring IoT as an enabler of business process efficiency, better customer satisfaction and cost savings. However, rapid application development and secure deployment of IoT solution at scale by integrating information technology with operational technology remains a major challenge. Lack of integration capabilities of ‘things’ and interoperability between different systems hinder IoT adoption at large. Hence, without the right platform behind it, an IoT solution can become just as complex as the problem it is meant to solve.

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TCS Solution

TCS Connected Universe Platform (TCUP) is TCS’s enterprise grade, multi-tenant, componentized and truly cloud-agnostic IoT platform that addresses multiple needs in one solution.

TCUP helps enterprises to develop, deploy and manage IoT applications securely and with ease. There is no need to learn proprietary IoT skills to stitch together multiple services, to make an IoT solution work. TCUP’s pre-built and highly scalable micro-services simplify managing the entire development lifecycle, and also significantly reduce time to market.











  • All major IOT & IIOT protocols supported
  • High velocity data ingestion
  • Persistence in RDBMS/ big data schema
  • Real time streaming data analysis
  • Complex event processing
  • Real time alerts & notifications

Key functional capabilities

  • Device Management – Connectivity establishment, monitoring and management of devices, network connections and health of connected things
  • Data Management – Collection, processing and storage of IoT data from disparate sources for actionable insights
  • Analytics – Data analytics work-bench and pre-packaged ready-to-use machine learning and deep learning algorithms for data scientists and data engineers
  • Streaming Data Processing – Real time processing on streaming IoT data for alerts, notifications and automated decision making
  • Asset Modelling – Digital images of a variety of asset types and asset properties
  • Edge Processing – Data ingestion, streaming data processing and analytics on resource-constrained and low-footprint devices for addressing the needs of the edge tier 


Solutions on TCUP


Energy Management

Smart Factory


Asset Modelling

Lower Energy Costs Improved Plant Efficiency New Business Model and Rev. Streams for OEMs Digital models & Predictive Maintenance



IoT Edge powered by TCUP - Enabling businesses with intelligence closer to source

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