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Connected Universe


TCS Connected Universe Platform

Accelerating the development and deployment of IoT applications.



The fragmented and non-standardized IoT landscape makes it difficult for enterprises to extract, store, and analyze data effectively. Significant costs and skills are required to integrate data from multiple devices, manage volumes, and leverage analytics to develop applications. Generic PaaS offerings, cloud-based sensor platforms, and cloud-based device management platforms all solve only one part of the problem. What companies need is a holistic platform that addresses these blind spots.

TCS Solution

While software programmers can utilize the application programming interfaces provided by the platform, administrators can use the Connected Universe portal to manage IoT services. The platform enables rich analytics of data sourced from billions of internet-connected sensors. Its powerful pre-built microservices, ready-to-use solution accelerators, and process automation tools significantly reduce the time, effort, and expertise required for digital transformation and monetization. 


  • New cash flows: Offer new products and services or pricing models
  • Shorter time-to-market: Reduce development time, thereby bringing down deployment cost
  • Better user experience: Enhance customer experience by gathering and analyzing IoT data
  • Efficient processes: Improve operations by integrating IoT data with enterprise systems
  • Higher output: Improve performance of enterprise systems and optimize network traffic

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