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TCS DigiFleet™: Bringing Life to Assets on the Move

Intelligent real-time insights on asset movement for improved efficiency, safety and customer experience


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The Challenge

Dynamic business situations, resource availability, compliance needs and sustainability targets are some of the key challenges in supply chain planning and operations. Insights gained from real-time data can be a gamechanger in a successful digital makeover of the multiple processes involved. IoT-powered cognitive technologies are enabling organizations to proactively navigate diverse fleet and freight disruptions, reimagine operations, launch new business offerings and gain a competitive edge

TCS Solution

TCS DigiFleetTM is a suite of solutions focused on providing real-time actionable insights for assets on the move, and helping organization reimagine supply chains.

Powered by an IoT and AI-ML engine, the suite provides contextual and situational insights on fleet and supply chain operations by analyzing real-time data from the heterogeneous ecosystem.

The suite offers modular, industry-specific features on software as a service model to accelerate digitalization of fleet and supply chains through two pre-built modules:

 dPulse: Optimizes the total cost of ownership and drives sustainability strategies by increasing fleet reliability and utilization while reducing fuel and maintenance costs.

 dMove: Predicts supply chain disruptions in a multi-modal, multi-carrier network. Unified visibility, route optimization, parcel condition and ETA prediction are few of the insights made available to decision-makers


TCS DigiFleetTM delivers the following benefits to enterprises:

  • 24x7 visibility of assets on the move
  • Up to 20% reduction in logistic costs
  • Up to 30% decrease in wait time
  • More than 60% improvement in driver behavior
  • Optimized utilization of vehicles (up to 11%) and crew (up to 8%)
  • Improved asset health, reducing maintenance costs by up to 5%


ARC Report

IoT-enabled Fleet Management for Improved Visibility and Versatility

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