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The Challenge

Fleet and freight movements are integral to industries worldwide, whether it is logistics, utilities, manufacturing, transportation, or others. This is a rapidly evolving space with the advent of new technologies such as IoT and AI, compliance and regulatory complexities, and growing data volumes with low real-time visibility. Enterprises need a next-gen solution that can enhance visibility and control, optimizing productivity.

TCS Solution

A network of IoT devices helps establish end-to-end connectivity across the fleet and related assets such as warehouses. It leverages AI and ML to analyze data and recommend the best routes, load composition, and maintenance measures. All of this is visualized via dashboards, along with close integration with existing IT and OT systems. TCS DigiFleet offers the following features:

  • Software as a service operation on an opex model
  • Integration with existing applications via adaptors and APIs
  • Microservices-based architecture for modularity, scalability, flexibility, and configurability
  • Predictive engine powered by AI and ML

It also offers a variety of out-of-the-box solutions for discrete industries, such as yard management, driver behavior management, cold chain monitoring, and multi-modal logistics, among others.


  • 24x7 visibility into fleet operations
  • Optimized utilization of vehicles (up to 11%) and crew (up to 8%)
  • Improved asset health, reducing maintenance costs by up to 5%
  • In-transit quality maintenance through goods and driver performance monitoring
  • Compliance with ELD, HoS, and AIS-140 protocols
  • Assured business continuity through on-time delivery

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