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Enterprises in the Business 4.0™ era need to pivot to agile business strategies to achieve sustained growth. To help clients in the US co-create the roadmap for their business transformation journeys, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has set up its TCS Pace Port™ hub in New York.

Located at the Tata Innovation Center at Cornell Tech, TCS Pace Port NY is a co-innovation and advanced research center designed to help clients establish their competitive differentiation through collaboration between TCS, its clients, Cornell Tech students and faculty and local start-ups.


While its set-up serves all industry verticals, TCS Pace Port focuses on the Retail, Travel, Transportation and Hospitality and Life Sciences industries. It also leverages AlgoRetail™, a TCS proprietary framework for algorithmic retail that uses AI, ML, computer vision and natural language processing. 

 by leveraging:

  • TCS Innovation Showcase: Presentation and engagement facility that helps clients visualize the phases of their digital transformation journey.
  • TCS COIN™ Accelerator: Collaborative space for TCS associates, client teams and promising start-ups to co-create solutions.
  • TCS Agile Workspace: Fully equipped agile working environment to run business solution concepts, with devoted virtual environments engineered to emulate real-world conditions.
  • TCS Academic Research Lab: Allows participants to gain exposure to the thinking and collaborative research environment enabled by TCS, while furthering the research agenda across cutting-edge tech areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, advanced analytics, cybersecurity and quantum computing.


  • Real-world approach: Cutting-edge collaborative research to address real-world problems
  • Future-proofing of business: Basis for AI-enabled value chain to support digital system
  • The Cornell Tech advantage: Business transformation driven via innovative digital tech
  • Collective intelligence: Critical venture challenges solved via co-creation, co-innovation
  • Strategic partnership: TCS-Cornell Tech team of diverse expertise on next-gen digital tech
  • Research history: TCS’ deep expertise founded through global network of research labs


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